Our inner ear holds the key to intelligent and successful adaptation. Within the sanctity of the inner ear lies our sense of balance, the vestibular system. This sensory system drives the brain to grow through all its’ stages, from early foetus through to adolescence. By starting up brain development, the vestibular system gives us the tools to use our innate intelligence to its’ full potential.

On the evolutionary scale our sense of balance and gravity is one of oldest senses. In humans this sense corresponds with the lateral line receptor in primitive fish. It allows the fish to sense vibrations, gravity, electromagnetic fields and chemicals.

Our vestibular system is located in the inner ear, within the three semi circular canals. As fluids wash over the fine hairs in the canals, it tells us where our head and body is in space. It tells us what is up and what is down. And gives us our sense of gravity. Stimulation of this sense through movement is vital, as it gives the trigger for healthy brain development.

When brain development has been activated and occurred in the right sequence, we have all the skills we need to use our intelligence – we intelligence at our fingertips.

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