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Fear of woman victim of domestic violence and abuseVictims of sexual abuse go through life feeling that the world is not a safe place. They feel violated on many levels of their being. Often they feel betrayed by the people who should have looked after them and protected them from harm, such as their parents. For this reason they are deeply saddened and feel that they can no longer trust others. This leads them to feel that they are alone in the world and even within their own family they feel like an island.

To them it seems that others needs take priority over theirs and that their thoughts and feelings are not of any value or importance in their relationships.

They feel ashamed of what has happened to them and may feel unclean and dirty. They question whether they themselves are the cause of the abuse and allowed it to happen. Their shame may lead them to not share their trauma with anyone else.

To protect themselves from the pain and memory of the abuse they disconnect from their body and their emotions. They may feel numb, unreal, or spacey.

Fractal Therapy For Sexual Trauma

A person who has been sexually abused is stuck in the deepest level of stress we can experience, the freeze state. The freeze state causes them to feel cornered, like there is no escape. Simultaneously they are cycling through all the levels of stress that the brain can produce. This means they may feel angry one day, fearful the next, then sad and guilty, and at other times unbearably lonely.

They are on an emotional roller coaster as their brain is going through all the stages of the stress cycle, the fight, flight and freeze survival reflexes. Their brain is keeping hem in high alert, defensive and ready for the next attack on their being, even though the danger has passed.

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The reason is that primitive part of our brain that handles extreme stress automatically locks into and holds onto our stress emotions for our own protection. This automatic survival reaction takes place below our conscious awareness. It makes it difficult to move on from past traumas even when we want to.

Fractal Therapy gently moves the nervous system through the phases of stress cycle, and clears up old anger, fear, sadness, shame, numbness and vulnerability.

Fractal Therapy can also bypass the verbal level of the brain to work on the primitive part of the brain that stores unconscious stress and trauma and can assist where talking therapy has not fully accessed the body memory of the trauma.

When we are no longer stuck in a freeze state and in a stress cycle, it is possible to experience joy and pleasure, hold oneself high and feel good about oneself, feel valued, to give and receive love, feel close to loved ones and fulfilled in one’s purpose in life.



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Suite 204/ 6-8 Clarke Str, Crows Nest 2065 (short walk from St. Leonards railway station)

Locations Now Conveniently Available In Crows Nest, Dulwich Hill, Randwick, Camden & Windsor.

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