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Fractal Therapy let’s you HEAL from the past

so you can live more fully in the Present Moment..


1. I still have deep pain from my childhood. I have been to therapy for years and I am still suffering. Why should I try Fractal Therapy?

Fractal Therapy can access and release deepseated emotional pain, such as terror, fear and mistrust, resulting from violation, or abandonment, which are embedded in body memory, by using techniques that work on that type of memory and learning.

2. What can I expect during the treatment?

Sessions are relaxing, with counselling and gentle easy micro physical exercises called Fractal Movements done in a lying down position. Talking is not required.

3. How does Fractal Therapy help with Anger Management?

Fractal Therapy releases pent up emotions, such as anger.  This helps with self control and finding solutions to problems, rather than reacting with rage and frustration.

4. How quickly will I experience results?

Positive changes, like feeling more relaxed, happier and relief from emotional pain can be experienced right away, after minutes in a first session and increasing after several sessions.

5. Can Fractal Therapy save my marriage?

Yes. Fractal Therapy helps couples get past the emotions that break down trust and love, and helps them feel closer and solve problems faster.

6. Can Fractal Therapy help children with disabilities and their families?

Fractal Therapy helps children with learning difficulties and developmental delays due to ADHD, Autism and other conditions. It helps parents cope with the stresses of parenthood.

7. How does Fractal Therapy provide performance enhancement?

Fractal Therapy rewires the brain, such as connecting left and right brain better.  This improves speed, comprehension, emotional control and increases solution focus.

8. How is Fractal Therapy different from other forms of psychotherapy?

Fractal Therapy activates growth in the brain using developmental physical movements called Fractal Movements to naturally develop resilience and intelligence rather than talking and self will which is common in traditional psychotherapy.

9. Is Fractal Therapy effective with children?

Fractal Therpy is based on child development and is very effective for children who are distressed.

10. What is Fractal Therapy based on?

Fractal Therapy is based on developmental psychology and principles of childhood psychological and neuro-physiological development.

11. What qualifications and licenses do Fractal Therapy psychologists have?

Fractal Therapy psychologists have a degree in psychology, are registered with the APS and Medicare.and have completed training in Fractal Therapy.

12. Can I receive help even if I do not live in Sydney?

Yes. Fractal Therapy is available by telephone and on Skype.


“It has only been three weeks since I had my first session and my world is a different place.  Surprisingly I found myself doing more around the house and spending a greater amount of time with my daughter without any effort. In the last three weeks it has become almost impossible to access those old unhelpful feelings and I feel very confident that I have made a significant and permanent change in myself.”

About Anca Ramsden


About Anca Ramsden

I have been a practicing psychologist since 1981 and in that time have seen thousands of clients.  Since that time I have discovered the changes in my clients using the Fractal Movement techniques were dramatic and immediate. What’s more, it was easier, quicker for them and required less effort than CBT alone.

The critical thing is it’s extremely difficult to take positive action through self-will while you are in the stressed states of fight, flight or freeze.  The reason is that stress shuts down the brain’s rational and creative problem-solving centres, stress makes us more irrational, aggressive, anxious and even inactive. This is why you must always clear up stress before you start a project or work on goals. Once the stress has been cleared up, other methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and counseling begin working much more effectively.