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the consequences of stress are cumulativeYou are working in an office where you feel sidelined and struggle to fit in with your colleagues. You feel embarrassed and isolated and start to lose confidence. Your manager does not treat you with respect and you are worried about your next performance review. You are starting to think this may not be the right job for you, but you’re not sure what else you can do.

Feeling unappreciated and rejected and with no other opportunities on the horizon, you feel trapped. You can’t sleep at night and you take to drinking coffee and eating donuts to get going in the morning and to lift your spirits. Your partner complains that you are moody and irritable and no fun to be around. When you go to the doctor for chronic headaches he tells you that your problem is stress. He won’t prescribe medication, but suggests that you find a way to better manage your stress levels.

Leader Stressed Out Meeting Group People Concept

Any threat to our wellbeing can cause us to become stressed. Whether it is social rejection, money issues, weight gain and body image, the challenge of raising children, the strain of working long hours, or the burden of carrying too many responsibilities. People differ in their perspective on life and it’s an individual matter as what is going to stress you out. If social acceptance is important to you, you are more likely to get stressed about being left out. If money is important to you, not getting a raise can be stressful.

fellow women can be bitches in the workplaceNature has given us helpful survival tools so we can cope with our challenges. We have three basic survival responses, the fight, flight and freeze reflexes. These three responses take care of most situations. When we fight for survival we are more motivated, energetic and determined to solve a problem.

These primitive animal-responses can make us aggressive and cause emotions like anger and frustration.  The energy provided is helpful when we need to take action to get a job done. The flight response also triggers fear and makes us cautious, so we can detect and avoid danger.

The freeze response immobilises us so we take no action at all. This response is designed to make us invisible to predators. Trauma causes this response.

peace and freedom from stress

Too much stress can cause us to get locked into emotions like anger, fear, guilt and apathy. When these emotions are no longer helpful in solving our problems, but instead prevent us from being happy, content and effective, then it best to do something to lower our stress levels.

Stress can cause us to feel mentally foggy, emotional, unfocussed and overwhelmed. instead of having a clear mind, being logical ,staying focussing on the outcome and feeling in control of ourselves, it means our stress is out of control

The Fractal Therapy Approach To Stress Management

Fractal therapy can bring the nervous system into a healthier balance, so it does not stay locked in the brain is designed to give survival priority, so we tend to get locked nto. a stress state. Fractal body movements can unlock the brain

And bring balance to our emotion, re-instate higher brain regions, which gives us logic and language, make us more reasonable, rational, logical and less reactive.

freedom from stress is freedom to live




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Suite 204/ 6-8 Clarke Str, Crows Nest 2065 (short walk from St. Leonards railway station)

Locations Now Conveniently Available In Crows Nest, Dulwich Hill, Randwick, Camden & Windsor.

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