Fractal Therapy deeply releases past trauma so

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Family Chaos in the Morning

Jeremy was screaming and the noise was piercing. Joanne ran to the kitchen to see what the matter was. Her heart sank. The breakfast table was a complete mess. Porridge and milk were sprayed all over the table and floor. Jeremy was tipping over his plate and pulling at the table cloth. Crockery came smashing to the floor, with an almighty din.

Joanne panicked. She knew from past experience that Jeremy could have tantrums like these that lasted for hours, and that there was nothing she could do to pacify him once he got started. She was overwhelmed. She had been up since 5.30 in the morning cooking the breakfast, making the children’s sandwiches for school, and washing up the previous night’s dishes. Frozen and confused she was looking at her daughter, Clarissa, speechless for the moment. No matter how often she had been through Jeremy’s tantrums, they still stopped her in her tracks Before she knew what was happening, she was on the ground in a heap, weeping.

Clarissa took a deep breath and pulled her full height of four feet and calmly resigned herself to take charge of the situation for the 305th in her young life. Her porridge lay on the floor mixed with the jam and toast, and sugar and milk. But she had learnt that she needed to be more like an ally and helper to her mom at times like these. She was the older sister to her younger brother and she was often responsible for looking after him. This morning she worried her mom would not have time to sign her note from school to join the choir. She hated being late for school, but she knew she probably would not get there on time. Whenever Jeremy acted up, she had to take second place, which angered her.

‘Come on Jeremy, let’s go and play.’ She coaxed Jeremy to walk down the passage with her. He was still screaming, but with less force. She tried to distract him with a toy and lead him to the bathroom, where she cleaned his stained shirt with a face cloth.

Clarissa thought her mom did not cope very well. She often saw her mom cry and go out the back of the house to have a cigarette. She thought her mom was too weak to stand up to her dad and too weak to control her brother. She decided she did not want to be like her mom when she grew up.

Excerpted from The Adaptive Intelligence Theory by Anca Ramsden – Clinical Psychologist Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved

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Suite 204/ 6-8 Clarke Str, Crows Nest 2065 (short walk from St. Leonards railway station)

Locations Now Conveniently Available In Crows Nest, Dulwich Hill, Randwick, Camden & Windsor.

How Fractal Therapy Helps Families Work Better Together

When Joanne and Jeremy have to work together as a family things fall apart. The cause of their problems lie in their under developed brain neurology.

Joanne is struggling with the teaching, training and disciplining required of an effective parent; and Jeremy is not yet able to perform the little self help tasks that most six year olds can already accomplish, such as having his breakfast by himself and getting dressed to get ready for school.

When we are born our brain is not yet fully developed. As a newborn baby we can cry when wet, cold, hungry or lonely, but we cannot yet help ourselves. At birth we are able to breathe and suck at the breast, but we have no other self help skills.

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Suite 204/ 6-8 Clarke Str, Crows Nest 2065 (short walk from St. Leonards railway station)

Locations Now Conveniently Available In Crows Nest, Dulwich Hill, Randwick, Camden & Windsor.


How Fractal Therapy helped them

Fractal Therapy helped Joanne become a confident and successful parent by rewiring her brain to its’ most mature level. She was given Fractal Movements that replicate the crawling stage of child development to connect her left and right brain. After three Fractal Therapy sessions she felt more confident and assertive. She was able to tolerate more stress and not feel overwhelmed by her responsibilities. Now she could hold her own and provide Jeremy with the stability and security he needed.

Fractal Therapy helped Jeremy become emotionally mature enough to want to grow and learn new skills and adapt to new challenges. He no longer needed to be babied. His mom was surprised when he dressed himself and had his breakfast without a fuss.

He suddenly seemed more content and accepted mom’s discipline without a struggle. If he did get upset he seemed to get over it very quickly and they could move on and do what needed to get done.

They enjoyed more moments of genuine love and affection together. Instead of refusing to get out of the car when he had to go to school, he could get over his fears with a little encouragement.

These were all signs that Jeremy’s brain had wired up to a more mature level. Fractal Therapy also erased the effects of past trauma so instead of life being a constant struggle the Browns now enjoy more love, laughter and fun – fighting, tears and crises are a thing of the past.


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Suite 204/ 6-8 Clarke Str, Crows Nest 2065 (short walk from St. Leonards railway station)

Locations Now Conveniently Available In Crows Nest, Dulwich Hill, Randwick, Camden & Windsor.

About Anca Ramsden

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Higher Education Diploma, AIT

About Anca Ramsden

I have been a practicing psychologist since 1981 and in that time have seen thousands of clients.  Since that time I have discovered the changes in my clients using the Fractal Movement techniques were dramatic and immediate. What’s more, it was easier, quicker for them and required less effort than CBT alone.

The critical thing is it’s extremely difficult to take positive action through self-will while you are in the stressed states of fight, flight or freeze.  The reason is that stress shuts down the brain’s rational and creative problem-solving centres, stress makes us more irrational, aggressive, anxious and even inactive. This is why you must always clear up stress before you start a project or work on goals. Once the stress has been cleared up, other methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and counseling begin working much more effectively.

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1. I still have deep pain from my childhood. I have been to therapy for years and I am still suffering. Why should I try Fractal Therapy?

Fractal Therapy can access and release deepseated emotional pain, such as terror, fear and mistrust, resulting from violation, or abandonment, which are embedded in body memory, by using techniques that work on that type of memory and learning.

2. What can I expect during the treatment?

Sessions are relaxing, with gentle easy micro physical exercises called Fractal Movements done in a lying down position. Talking is not required.

3. How does Fractal Therapy help with Anger Management?

Fractal Therapy releases pent up emotions, such as anger.  This helps with self control and finding solutions to problems, rather than reacting with rage and frustration.

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What are Fractal Movements?

Fractal Therapy uses developmental movements to stimulate renewed brain-growth in adults as well as in children.  Major benefits include a reduction in the feelings of anxiety encountered in life.  Clients discover greater freedom and joy because of an increased capacity to effectively cope with relationships and the challenges of living.  These micro exercises are adult versions of those naturally performed by an infant lying in a crib. Although seeming perfectly innocent..