Fractal Therapy deeply releases past trauma so

Adult Children from Dysfuntional Families 

can begin to live more fully in the Present Moment..

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suppressed childWhat form did dysfunction take in your family when you were a child?  

You just know that when it comes down to the wire, no one is watching your back. You are going to have to look after yourself.

At what age did you realise that you were on your own, that no one was going to change your dirty diaper or was going to feed your hungry stomache? Chances are that you learnt to build up a wall of self sufficiency that keeps you alone. It doesn’t matter how many people are around you, you are on your own. No one is there for you.

Have you been settling for less than you deserve in life?

If your parents were unable to meet you emotional needs during your childhood, you may battle with the emotional scars for the rest of your life, causing you to feel permanently distressed.

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The Fractal Therapy Approach To Working Through Childhood Trauma

Sad boy. Problems in familyFractal Therapy can help release the deep-seated stress and traumas from childhood. Through fractal body movements Fractal Therapy activates the amygdala, the part of the brain that became overactive due to stress.

The amygdala produces the reactions that we use to defend ourselves, such as anger, fear and apathy. It also stores memories of these emotions. These memories are mainly held below conscious awareness. Although you may have conscious recollection of some events that you can discuss with someone, the majority of survival emotions occur at a reflex level below conscious awareness.

It is also impossible for the many hundreds of upsetting events and disturbing interactions during a childhood to be recollected. Some events are forgotten and some are also repressed from conscious awareness. By working directly on the amygdala, fractal body movements can trigger unconscious body memory of these survival emotions. Once the body memory is triggered, the emotion is naturally released from the nervous system. This means that instead of the nervous system being locked into a state of alarm and danger, it now more balanced.

As anger, fear and apathy are released from the nervous system, the part of the amygdala that produces those feelings will no longer be overactive. This is experienced as a feeling of being calm, at peace, and a feeling of resilience, ‘I can cope with whatever comes my way.’

The Fractal Therapy healing process allows one to experience happiness, and for many for the first time ever. It builds the self confidences that were missed in childhood: feeling in charge of oneself, being responsible, being deserving of love, being equal to others – these are all feelings that build self worth and self respect. Fractal Therapy allows maturity to develop, fostering a sense of being an emotionally and psychologically mature adult. It becomes easy to live in the present when stress and trauma from the past are released. And it becomes possible to permanently break the generational cycle of dysfunctional family relationships and give your own children a better life.

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Locations Now Conveniently Available In Crows Nest, Dulwich Hill, Randwick, Camden & Windsor.

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What are Fractal Movements?

Fractal Therapy uses developmental movements to stimulate renewed brain-growth in adults as well as in children.  Major benefits include a reduction in the feelings of anxiety encountered in life.  Clients discover greater freedom and joy because of an increased capacity to effectively cope with relationships and the challenges of living.  These micro exercises are adult versions of those naturally performed by an infant lying in a crib. Although seeming perfectly innocent..

About Anca Ramsden

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Higher Education Diploma, AIT

About Anca Ramsden

I have been a practicing psychologist since 1981 and in that time have seen thousands of clients.  Since that time I have discovered the changes in my clients using the Fractal Movement techniques were dramatic and immediate. What’s more, it was easier, quicker for them and required less effort than CBT alone.

The critical thing is it’s extremely difficult to take positive action through self-will while you are in the stressed states of fight, flight or freeze.  The reason is that stress shuts down the brain’s rational and creative problem-solving centres, stress makes us more irrational, aggressive, anxious and even inactive. This is why you must always clear up stress before you start a project or work on goals. Once the stress has been cleared up, other methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and counseling begin working much more effectively.


1. I still have deep pain from my childhood. I have been to therapy for years and I am still suffering. Why should I try Fractal Therapy?

Fractal Therapy can access and release deepseated emotional pain, such as terror, fear and mistrust, resulting from violation, or abandonment, which are embedded in body memory, by using techniques that work on that type of memory and learning.

2. What can I expect during the treatment?

Sessions are relaxing, with gentle easy micro physical exercises called Fractal Movements done in a lying down position. Talking is not required.

3. How does Fractal Therapy help with Anger Management?

Fractal Therapy releases pent up emotions, such as anger.  This helps with self control and finding solutions to problems, rather than reacting with rage and frustration.

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Suite 204/ 6-8 Clarke Str, Crows Nest 2065 (short walk from St. Leonards railway station)

Locations Now Conveniently Available In Crows Nest, Dulwich Hill, Randwick, Camden & Windsor.

With Locations in Crows Nest, Dulwich Hill, Randwick, Camden, Windsor.

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